GO-SKA is a project supported by the European Commission under the 7th European Framework Programme (FP7). GO-SKA’s primary aim is to provide guidance at policy-level to the global SKA Organisation in the pre-construction phase, so that it will be optimally prepared for the construction and operation of the SKA. It is a ~900 k€ project with a duration of 39 months (November 2011 – January 2015).

GO-SKA is preceded by PrepSKA, a preparatory study for the SKA. PrepSKA was also funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme. One of the aims of PrepSKA was to investigate, with active collaboration between funding agencies and scientists, policy-related questions on governance, procurement and funding. The PrepSKA policy work packages have made a significant contribution to the establishment of the current SKA Organisation.

The GO-SKA project builds on PrepSKA deliverables and deals with the new issues of the pre-construction phase. PrepSKA has assembled the best options for SKA; GO-SKA is developing these further. The main activities of GO-SKA are to:

  • broaden and strengthen the involvement of funding agencies and governments around the globe;
  • prepare the establishment of global governance for SKA
  • investigate world-wide partnerships between industry and the SKA
  • develop strategies to further define the conditions by which non-scientific benefits from the SKA can best be integrated into investment decision-making.


Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), The Netherlands (Coordinator)
Work Package 1 – Management
Work Package 3 – development of the global governance for the SKA Project
Team: Patricia Vogel, Maaike Damen, Liesbeth Gerritsen, Miriam Roelofs

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), United Kingdom
Work Package 2 – Building a globally coordinated collaboration for the SKA
Team: Simon Berry, Michelle Cooper, Simon Haynes

Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), Italy
Work Package 4 – development of a global approach to industry engagement for the SKA
Team: Corrado Perna

Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG), Germany
Work Package 5 – Developing the SKA as a tool to address global challenges
Team: Michael Kramer, Viola Tegethoff, Yingzheng Li, Anton Zensus

Final workshop

Concluding a 39-month period, GO-SKA held a workshop on the non-science benefits of the SKA in December 2014 at Jodrell Bank. Notes from the workshop are available here.