GO-SKA and the SKA Organisation

In order to allow a full and effective execution of the GO-SKA project and its objectives, a good cooperation between the project and the SKA Organisation is essential. Both the appointment of Prof. Phil Diamond as the SKA Director General (September 2012) and the establishment of the SKA Strategy and Business Development Commission (StratCom, April 2013) allowed for a clear definition of the working arrangements and good alignment between the SKA Organisation, the StratCom and the GO-SKA Project. The final result of GO-SKA will be one integrated final deliverable, which will, among others, form a contribution to the coordinated Business Case for SKA1 construction.

The SKA Organisation
The SKA Organisation manages and formalises relationships between the international partners and centralises the leadership of the SKA project. The SKA Organisation is headquartered in a new, purpose-built office at Jodrell Bank Observatory, near Manchester, UK.