The management of GO-SKA is light, well-matched to the nature of the project and aligned with the steering bodies of the SKA. The GO-SKA Board is the formal governing body. To keep the management structure lean and simple, the GO-SKA Board consists of the work package leaders.  A representative of the coordinating organisation chairs the meetings of the Board, unless decided otherwise in a meeting of the Board. The Board meets at least once a year and organises telecons when necessary.

GO-SKA coordinator
NWO has agreed to act as the coordinator for GO-SKA. The coordinating person is Ms Patricia Vogel from NWO, senior policy expert and coordinator research institutes at NWO. She is supported by the Deputy Coordinator in activities and the preparation of reports and documents when and where appropriate. The Deputy Coordinator of GO-SKA is Dr Simon Berry from STFC. The coordinator is a member of the GO-SKA Board and the primary contact person with the European Commission.

Work Package Leaders
The leaders of the individual work packages have been approved by the GO-SKA Board. The Work Package Leaders can establish task groups for the activities of their work packages. Members of the global SKA Policy Working Group and other experts can be invited to join such task groups.

WP1: Management NWO Patricia Vogel
WP2: Building a globally coordinated collaboration for the SKA STFC Simon Berry
WP3: development of the global governance for the SKA Project NWO Patricia Vogel
WP4: development of a global approach to industry engagement for the SKA INAF Corrado Perna
WP5: Developing the SKA as a tool to address global challenges MPG Michael Kramer

WPs chair photos